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Stop duplicate texts with Google Voice

Here’s a quicky for you.

I finally got a Google Voice number and started playing around with it today.  I was playing with the text messaging feature and noticed that I was getting duplicate messages sent to my GV number and then to my main phone number.  I don’t see the point in having them forwarded to my main phone number if I’m getting them through GV. The whole point is to avoid the charges from my carrier since I don’t want to pay more for unlimited texts.  I guess maybe if I don’t have a smart phone and don’t have the app on my phone I’d need it forwarded.  Anyway, simple solution to this problem is to go to your settings and uncheck a box that says “Receive text messages on this phone”.

This option makes it sound like I’m disabling text messages on my GV number altogether, but apparently it just stops it from forwarding them to your regular phone number.