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Ford sync playlists

It seems like almost every time I update my playlists I screw something up and they don’t work in my car. I use a 16GB flash drive and leave it plugged into my car all the time, unless I’m updating it of course. Apparently Ford’s sync system is pretty picky when it comes to the type of playlists it can read. I use MediaMonkey to manage my music and sync with my flash drive. I have a 2010 Ford Escape. I think it accepts a few different playlist types, but I use m3u. I put the playlist in the root of the device, not inside a folder. I leave every box unchecked except for relative paths. I just plugged it in to test it and it works. I was reading some forums and one of them did say that the version of MediaMonkey they were using broke the playlists. So in case that matters the version I’m on right now is



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