Adding drivers to Ghost WinPE


This post is using the Symantec Solution Suite 2.5

I’m setting it up so that I have the ghost client installed on the majority of our workstations. The only ones I’m not installing it on our encrypted laptops. The first problem I came across was it getting stuck at “Polling for bound server.” I found that means the NIC drivers for my computer aren’t in the WinPE PreOS. So I found the drivers for my card and popped open the ghost boot wizard. Even after adding the NIC driver I couldn’t get the damn thing to work and could not find where it would tell me what the problem was. It was my own fault. I discovered the error at the top by double clicking on the failed job in the ghost console, which brings up the event log and it always failed on “To Virtual Partition.” I didn’t realize I could then click on that and the specific error would pop up. That error up above means the SATA drivers for my board weren’t in WinPE either. After going to the motherboard manufacturer’s website to get them and adding them through the steps below, it is now creating my image of my test computer.

Any missing drivers will need to be the Vista 32-bit version. It doesn’t matter what OS your computer is running.

Open the ghost boot wizard to edit the Windows PE PreOS. Then on the second screen click on WinPE-512 and click copy. The 512 image is for machines that have over 512mb of memory. Name it whatever you want. You don’t want to go editing the original copy of it in case it gets messed up somehow.


Now go ahead and click edit on the image you named. Depending on which drivers you are updating, select the proper tab and add new driver.


After finding the path for the driver and giving it a descriptive name make sure you check the box for Vista as the OS.


Sometimes it doesn’t actually add the drivers to the image the first time you hit OK on the top two images. So click edit one more time and scroll down the list for the drivers you added to make sure their boxes are selected. It takes a few minutes for it to update the image.

Any computers that you have already installed the ghost client on need to have the virtual partition changed to the version you just created. In the ghost console right-click on them, go to the client tab and select the correct one from the drop down list. After changing that on all of your machines you’ll then need to run a task that refreshes the configuration and inventory on all the computers. THEN the backup regime or image create task will work. If you want all the new computers you install the ghost client on to use the same version of WinPE then go to the tools menu in the ghost console, down to options and change it on the client tab there.

Oh, in the midst of troubleshooting these problems I tried the PC-DOS virtual partition, but ended up getting stuck in a boot loop that kept sending me back to it and not letting me go back to Windows. The second article below describes how to hide the ghost partition to fix that.



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