GFI MailEssentials mail stuck in quarantine

I’ve had this problem more than a couple times now. I go into MailEssentials to take a look at the quarantined email, but when I try to approve something it just sits there and won’t go through. It’s been an easy fix every time. The first time it happened I had to contact support since I couldn’t find this problem in the knowledge base. I don’t like how they have it set up, I rarely seem to find the article I need. Then they’ll send me the link after I contact support and I feel like an idiot for not finding it myself.

Anyway, the first step is to go into services.msc and stop all of the GFI services. Once you’ve done that you want to find the config.mdb file in the antispam folder. In my setup there are two config.mdb files, one under Program Files\GFI\MailEssentials\Antispam and the other in Program Files\GFI\MailEssentials. I looked at the one with the most recent timestamp to figure out what I needed. Open it in Access, go to the database tools tab, then compact and repair database. I don’t know what keeps breaking my database but this has fixed it every time. It shrunk the size this time by about 200k and the web interface is a bit snappier as well.


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