SideBySide errors in event viewer

I’ve been working a lot on our SMTP server configuring and watching a new spam filter. One of the features hasn’t been working quite right so went searching through the event log for anything that could possibly be related. This is what the event viewer looked like:

Not pretty. Every 15 minutes, on the dot, there was 6 errors in a row. So the hunt began. I wasn’t sure if this was related to the problem I was having but my spam filter is mentioned in one of the errors so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to fix it and if it helps, then great.  Here are the details of the 3 errors I was repeatedly seeing:

I started Googling to see what I could find and it turns out that there are quite a few things that will cause these errors to show up. The problem is that the errors aren’t specific enough to tell me which of the solutions would work. I can’t remember what sites I went to but the one solution that kept showing up was installing one of two Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Packages – either 2005 or 2008.

I tried 2005 but that didn’t make a difference at all. I then tried the 2008 package and ever since I installed it my event viewer has been perfectly clean – no errors at all.  I also installed a critical windows update, the net framework 3.5 I think is what it was. But I don’t think that was related to it. It would have been nice if the package I needed showed up in windows updates when I did the custom scan. But that would be too easy.



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