Event log errors, CA PestPatrol, and SeaPort

I came across these three problems while trying to figure out why someone’s computer is locking up and taking forever to log in.  Whether they are actually related to the symptoms she has been seeing has yet to be seen.  Hopefully I’ll find out that I fixed it tomorrow when she gets into work.

Errors 1505 & 1508

I saw a lot of errors with both of those codes in the event log.  I wasn’t finding much help until I went to eventid.net and saw one of the comments suggest renaming the UsrClass.dat file.  It just rebuilds the file when you log in next time.  It worked for me.  You can find the file in C:\Documents and Settings\<user account>\local settings\application data\Microsoft\windows.

Computer Associates PestPatrol

We had the old computer associates anti-virus installed a long time ago and and removed it back in October of last year when we switched to something else.  On the same computer I noticed the above errors on, I saw a couple services running that were related to PestPatrol (ppRemoteService.exe).  The strange thing is that there was no entry in add/remove programs for it since obviously we removed it months ago when we installed something else.  Uninstalling it never removed that service so it’s been taking up memory and CPU usage because it’s been running ever since.

I came across this post on their support forum about how to remove it manually.

Go to control Panel: Administrative Tools: Services stop the PestPatrol Remote Service. Open up command prompt and type cd \windows\system32. (if you are using winnt, the command would be cd\winnt\system32) Then type ppRemoteService -unregserver. Now you want to delete using the following command: del ppRemoteService.exe. Check Control Panel: Administrative Tools: Services and make sure PestPatrol Remote Service is gone. Remove the directory c:\Program Files\Common Files\PestPatrol.

Search Enhancement Pack – SeaPort.exe

Apparently this is part of the Windows Live Essentials or Windows Live Toolbar download that you can get.  Microsoft always sneaks things in there that are completely unnecessary.  It’s a service that runs at all times in the background, slowing things down quite a bit in some cases.

You have two options; either disable the service so it doesn’t automatically start every time you turn your computer on, or remove it altogether.

  1. Go to start -> run and type services.msc.
  2. Scroll down to SeaPort and right-click on it and go to properties.
  3. First choose to stop the service, then next to startup type choose disabled.
  4. If you want to completely remove it then go to \Program Files\Microsoft\Search Enhancement Pack\SeaPort\ and either rename seaport.exe or delete it.  This way it doesn’t have a chance to start again if it does try again sometime in the future.



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